People counter - flow counting sensor

Ceiling-mounted sensor camera that tracks the flow of visitors in 3D, analyzes and sorts moving objects - separating people from other moving objects, such as hand-held balloons or shopping carts that don't need to be counted.

When a person is recognized, the sensor camera algorithm tracks it throughout the counting zone and only adds it to the total count when the person has left the area. Thus, every visitor is added to the total count only once, ignoring the situation that one person moves back and forth and gets counted multiple times, e.g. waiting for the elevator to be called.

The sensor camera has a protection class of IP 68, which allows it to be installed outdoors and to record the flow at the gate of the area or in another public area that is not under the roof.

48V data network or electricity is required where the camera is to be installed.

The sensor communicates with the Cloud system via the Internet, the customer's existing IT infrastructure or 4G.
Customer flow counting sensor