Product - visitor counting and control

People counting for visitor amount monitoring, measurement of marketing return and development of automation solutions. The accuracy of the system is almost 100% considering the environmental conditions of the locations where the counting sensor cameras are installed.

The system consists of two components – a counting sensor camera and a cloud-based data analysis system Cloud.

In a single site, an unlimited number of sensor cameras can be installed both indoors and outdoors. The system measures the total visitor flow of the site and allows one to divide the site into several sectors, therefore keeping a separate record of flow in each sector, e.g. to measure the visitor flow of each floor of a shopping centre or any other particular zone.

Counting is performed by counting both entering and leaving visitors, which results in total visitor flow and real-time data on the current number of visitors in the site.

* We guarantee 98.5% accuracy of visitor counting. The measurement is performed in intervals of 1 hour if the visitor flow is at least 100 people.
Guaranteed 98,5% accuracy*

Customer counting sensor

Customer flow counting sensor
Follow the visitor flow, analyse and sort moving objects by separating the visitors from other moving objects, such as shopping carts. Performs accurate counting of visitors only!

Cloud data analysis system

Cloud data analysis system
Collects, processes and accumulates flow data. A tool in which the customer views and analyses the customer flow. The system additionally provides data download in XLS files and sends daily flow reports to e-mail.

Easy to install and convenient to use!

Our product does not need expensive licences, local servers or complex maintenance. All you need is a sensor camera, which is connected to the Cloud system.

It is that simple!