About Us

We are a Latvian IT company founded in 1993. Our main activity is the servicing of IT infrastructures. Our customers are large manufacturing enterprises and small offices, public and local authorities, as well as private customers. We provide the full-cycle design, implementation and maintenance of IT systems.

CountC - Count Customers
The product was created when solving a challenge faced by our customer – inaccurate record-keeping of visitor flows. We analysed the solutions available on the market and tested products of companies which refer to themselves as "Leading manufacturer of people counting". We concluded that the bold slogans represent expensive solutions with poor customer service and an even poorer technical solution for the accurate record-keeping of visitor flows.

We can do much better! We found a partner which can offer sensor cameras compliant with our demands, and we developed a CountC data collection, processing and accumulation system Cloud. The system we developed has successfully operated in several large trade centres in the Baltics for three years already.

CountC is a product developed by our specialists, and we have very good knowledge of all particulars related to flow measurement, therefore we offer accurate record-keeping of visitor flows, unlimited possibilities of system integration with other systems, and we are able to fulfil any wishes by providing a non-standard solution for the record-keeping/analysis of visitor flows.
Company 31 years




Company owner / programmer

Worked as a programmer in the largest Latvian telecommunications company for 7 years until he founded his own IT company, which has already been servicing IT infrastructures for 15 years.


Technical director

He has accurate knowledge of all visitor flow record-keeping particulars and will find a solution for the most complex buildings where visitor flows need to be measured.



He will measure, run cables, pull out cables, install and link everything together. He will solve any technical issues that may arise.


Technical support

He is a reliable friend and an advisor for the customer regarding the CountC cloud-based data browsing and analysis system.


Many great IT solutions have been created as a result of cooperation, and we are also open to cooperation with potential customers, system integrators or distributors.

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