Accurate visitor counting system with guaranteed 98.5% accuracy!

Accurate visitor counting system

People counting for client amount monitoring, measurement of marketing return and development of automation solutions. The accuracy of the system is almost 100% considering the environmental conditions of the locations where the counting sensor cameras are installed.

More about the visitor flow counting and control

Tools for visitor counting and control

Customer flow data analysis system

Data analysis system - Cloud

The cloud-based data analysis system receives, processes and collects the flow measurements made by the sensor cameras. The system provides data in a way that is convenient and comprehensible to the user.

Daily flow reports are sent to the user’s e-mail, and all accumulated analysis data can be downloaded as XLS files.
Customer flow realtime data

Real-time data in your smart device

Ability to follow the current visitor flow in the premises and the total flow in real time.

The system provides alarm notifications if the permitted number of visitors is about to be exceeded or is exceeded. This function is particularly useful to ensure compliance with trade restrictions during the Covid-19 period.
Customer flow control

Visitor flow control

One of system functions allows to control the number of visitors in the premises - to set up warning monitors or to block the entrance door when the maximum number of visitors is reached.

The system has API to integrate with other systems and devices.

Our customers!?

Both large and small trade centres throughout Europe. Our customers value the accuracy of the visitor counting system, our experience and customer service.

We are motivated by the gratitude of a satisfied customer!

What is customer flow counting and control!?

An automated visitor or customer counting system is nothing new and has been a service for a long time - sensors that perform customer flow counting and systems that store traffic data. Such systems are mainly used by large supermarkets or chain stores to measure the flow of visitors, determine the effectiveness and necessity of marketing campaigns. Read more ...