Was versteht man unter Erfassung und Kontrolle von Besucherströmen?

An automated visitor or customer tracking system is nothing new and has been a service for a long time - sensors that perform customer flow counting and systems that store traffic data. Such systems are mainly used by large supermarkets or chain stores to measure the flow of visitors, determine the effectiveness and necessity of marketing campaigns.

At present, information on the number of visitors has become the main daily concern of every customer service company - to limit the spread of Covid-19, many countries have introduced numerous restrictions, and one of them is to limit the number of visitors or customers in a certain sales area.

Various methods are used to control the number of customers on the premises, such as the shopping basket count system – a customer is only allowed to enter with a shopping basket and the more baskets, the more visitors can be on the premises. This method is simple, but not in line with the age of technology and has its disadvantages. For example, the administration of baskets – disinfection of baskets and supervision of customers who have forgotten to pick up a basket or put it in place for the next customer.

How to control the flow of visitors in a modern way? Choose the CountC customer counting system! The system will automatically count all incoming and outgoing visitors at the entrance, separating other non-visitor moving items from the flow, such as shopping carts or hand-held balloons.

When counting incoming and outgoing customers in real time, there is a difference between these numbers, which is the count of actual visitors on the premises. You can see real-time visitor data on your smart device, set alarm notifications if a limit is reached, install warning screens at the entrance and create integration with the automated doors.

Choose a modern and efficient solution - CountC customer flow tracking and control!
Was ist die Zählung und Kontrolle des Kundenflusses?